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Nosey News July 10, 2006

Posted by scentbloggers in Nosey News.

Gee, your pants smell terrific!

A hard ecological and economic lesson for us all to learn: sandalwood scarcity in ‘the perfume capital of India.’

Some fragrant citrus choices, courtesy of the online edition of the Telegraph.

BombScare, by Guerlain, now available in the UK at Selfridges .

On TV this week: One of the scheduled topics for NBC’s Today Show (7AM) on Monday, July 10th, will be “the limits of perfume and cologne.” I have no idea what that phrase even means. (No linkies, sorry.)

Cologne for “ a slap, slap kind of guy.” Cute column from the ThePilot.com about one man’s search for a replacement for Old Spice. I think my favorite line has to be:

In either case, Sean Jean’s hot new fragrance turned out to be about as discreet as a hot new stolen car. To wear it home would be unforgivable.



1. kuri - July 14, 2006

I thought thepilot’s comment about mace was hilarious too. I didn’t like Chanel Chance much though 😛

2. scentbloggers - July 16, 2006

Well, Chance is simply not quite up to par with the others in Chanel’s house (my opinion only!) but to each their own I guess. I thought the mace thing was pretty funny, too, but the “hot new stolen car” line had me cracking up real good.

– Katie

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