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Round-up: Best of the Blogs July 16, 2006

Posted by scentbloggers in The Scented Round-Up: Best of Blogging.

The best in the last week’s perfume blogging:

Aromascope discovers the latest release from Guerlain, the new No. 68:

Now that I think of it, it’s probably the most politically correct perfume out there today – its mission to not leave anything out is accomplished perfectly. But I can just about imagine your totally understandable reaction – golly, what does this really smell like?

March from Perfume Posse opens up the candy bag, and finds Jean Patou’s Vacances,

I … want … I want to bathe in this. Come hither, perfumed slave boys, and tend to me! Grandma’s lilac, but only if Grandma drove a Bugatti and married a member of minor European royalty.

while Patty, also from Perfume Posse tries Brulure de Rose by Parfumerie Generale and asks of readers:

I used to be of the Mr. Darcy School of Perfuming Opinion — “Once you have lost my good opinion, you have lost it forever.” It’s taken not just a few changes of mind to convince me of the error of my ways. How many tries do you give a perfume until you give up on it?

Over at Indieperfumes, talk turns towards roses:

At the moment I am taking a Rose Petal Elixer which helps to ease and balance the heart’s and mind’s emotions. There are many many perfumes and fragrances that have rose as one of the dominant notes, and I recommend highly that everyone get themselves at least a couple to have on hand for both the pleasures and emergencies of the heart.

Nina Ricci’s new fragrance Nina is reviewed at Perfume Shrine, leading to a wonderful discussion of the history of the house:

Nina has a rich tradition to follow: Nina Ricci was one of the most popular couturiers in the mid-20th century fashion scene. Born in Turin in January 1883 she started as a highly talented apprentice, before devoting herself entirely to design.

The heartbreak of watching brilliant perfumes become discontiued is fodder for talk of some unavailable favorites at Perfume-Smellin’ Things:

Djedi by Guerlain
In their Les Parisiennes collection, right next to the exquisite Attrape-Coeur, the sharply chic Derby, there exists…wait for it…Purple Fantasy! Surely, not many people would buy that insipid concoction and surely Djedi is more deserving of a place in the permanent collection.

Givenchy’s Very Irresistible and their new Millesime version of it are found to be quite possibly resistible at Scentzilla:

Unfortunately there are some of us that get only a dull rose and wood accord that just sits there like a lump. It’s pleasant, but doesn’t develop or go anywhere.

Victoria’s Own tests out JAR Fragrance’s ode to carnation, Golconda:

For me Golconda whiffs and wafts both directions, at times smelling dead-on like a bouquet of fresh cut carnations. Wet and fresh, as your nose is buried deep for that first sniff.

Someone’s gotta stick up for Clinque’s Happy Heart, and Sweet Diva is up to the task:

[…] when I wear this I can picture sitting under the umbrella in the warm sun, feeling the breeze and watching the clear turquoise water of the Gulf roll up onto the bright white sandy beach.

Perfume Critic finds a great bargain on Versace Baby Blue Jeans, and writes why it’s a pick for him:

A subtle yet tangy blend of citrus and light woods, Versace Baby Blue Jeans recalls the aroma of its bigger brother, Blue Jeans, but without the sweet, powdery edge.

Ayala, the perfumer who writes SmellyBlog gives some insight into her creative process, via use of an osmanthus note


Most of my perfumes were created before I even knew how to blog, and when I had no intention of keeping a diary. So any documentation is going to be in retrospect. […] . Most of them have a strong connection to a person or a memory. Others were inspired by the essences themselves, and when I smell them a few months later – I realize they have created a memory already.

Anya’s Garden mentions what the internet is doing for the art of perfumery by way of a childhood story:

I’m about three years old. I’m sitting on the floor, lovingly evaluating two of my most precious bottles. I have no idea what they were. They were two of the most glorious scents my little nose had ever experienced. Sigh. Love.



1. mitil - July 19, 2006

hahah,,,that was nice . i just wrote about happy heart
check it here

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